Sit With Me?

TechGirls saw a campaign video about the “red chair” during their luncheon with Bank of America in New York City. Find out what it’s all about! Join the TechGirl experience and be a… Continue reading

TechGirls Video

Highlights from the first week of the TechGirls Program. Twitter- @TechGirls Facebook-

One Fabulous Week at iD Tech Camp!

The TechGirls just finished one splendorous week at iD Tech Camp at Towson University where they took classes in web design and 3D game design (and watched fireworks, ate lots of ice cream,… Continue reading

Once upon a time…

For 27 young women from the Middle East and North Africa, a 3-week trip to the United States has been a dream come true. While only the first week has passed, the TechGirls have… Continue reading

Technology as a Powerful Educational Tool to Create Change

Today we met with Nina Zolt, Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer, ePals, Inc. and Stephanie Cohen, Vice President – ePals Global Community. As young innovators of our generation, we seek to be creative in… Continue reading

We are… the TechGirls!

“We are…” Participants of the 2013 TechGirls program were asked to complete the sentence “We are…” Here is what they came up with: We are twenty-seven girls that hold the future of the… Continue reading

Press Release for TechGirls Program

Press Release for TechGirls Program Check out the press release for this year’s TechGirls program by the State Department!

“Whatever career…

“Whatever the career is, we want to be leaders.” -TechGirl 2013 participant

First Day in USA

All the TechGirls have arrived and are ready to start their three week tech adventure in America! Six young women from the Palestinian Territories and Jordan were the first to arrive. After their… Continue reading

Tech Professionals Support TechGirls

This year several private sector partners will be engaging with the TechGirls program. Through these meetings, the TechGirls will be exposed to a variety of Tech professionals.  Upon their return home, TechGirls will… Continue reading