A Young Dream Weaver by Khadija Bencekri (2012 TechGirls alum)

We all used to have wonderful dreams when we were young—I am not exception. I wanted to be a doctor since I was six years old. As the years passed by, I changed my… Continue reading

Clever Girls Are the Future — by TechGirl Sondos Wa’el Al Najjar (Jordan)

What do you do if you want to teach HTML coding to young Jordanian girls but you don’t have reliable access to a computer lab? Ask Sondos Wa’el Al Najjar of Zarqa’, Az Zarqa, Jordan! For her community-based… Continue reading

New Year’s Blessings and a Reflection from TechGirl Assia in Algeria

by Assia Zemir, Algeria, TechGirl 2013 Everything starts with a thought, a wish, and then becomes a dream. Then it becomes a goal that needs to be achieved. And each year we ask… Continue reading

Christmas Greetings from a TechGirl in Bethlehem by Razan Marzouka

It’s almost Christmas in Bethlehem and all over the world. Everyone is saying, “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year!” The city of Bethlehem, where Jesus was born, and where I live, is decorated… Continue reading

TechGirl Lina from Libya–the Power of One!

During the time that the 2013 TechGirls of 2013 were in the US, we visited with a number of large tech companies, non-profits, and inspiring innovators and entrepreneurs. During the morning we spent… Continue reading

Moroccan TechGirl Attends Convention for Youth on the Rights of Children

In November, Safaa Berkani, author of the most recent TechGirls blog post, “The Best Decision I Ever Made,” was invited to participate in the first convention in for youth on the rights of… Continue reading

The Most Wonderful Decision I Ever Made by Safaa Berkani (Morocco)

I’ve always wanted to be special. My love and interest in technology started when I was watching my dad fixing machines and preparing his science engineering lessons. After having discussions with my cousin… Continue reading

TechGirls 2013 featured on Alhurra

“Everything has an ending and every ending is a new beginning” by Sondos Wa’el Alnajjar (Jordan)

I’ve always loved watching international movies, cultural exchange, and reading about different parts of the world. When I read about foreign places, I never imagined that I would actually get to visit them.… Continue reading

TechGirl Joanna Arida (Jordan) on the Meaning of Compassionate Relief

The TechGirls program builds the confidence of young women by exposing them to a variety of experiences above and beyond developing tech skills so as to ignite a passion for community engagement. Upon… Continue reading