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Behind the Lens of a TechGirl

INTRODUCTION These are a collection of photos hand-picked by TechGirl, Hafssa Kouskous from Morocco. She classifies the photos you see here as some of her most memorable. During the program, Hafssa was frequently seen carrying around her large… Continue reading

Technology as a Powerful Educational Tool to Create Change

Today we met with Nina Zolt, Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer, ePals, Inc. and Stephanie Cohen, Vice President – ePals Global Community. As young innovators of our generation, we seek to be creative in… Continue reading

Tech Professionals Support TechGirls

This year several private sector partners will be engaging with the TechGirls program. Through these meetings, the TechGirls will be exposed to a variety of Tech professionals.  Upon their return home, TechGirls will… Continue reading

The Multiplier Effect

Upon returning home each TechGirl will present seminars at her school or in her community, and train a minimum of two additional people each.  TechWomen will help mentor the TechGirls building collaboration amongst… Continue reading

TechGirls Program Design

TechGirls is a full and intensive training program in a safe and secure setting.  Participants are involved in  university level training, gaining high level skills, and immersing themselves in  American culture. The TechGirls program… Continue reading

Meet this year’s TechGirls

ASSIA ZEMIR (nickname: Assoussa) TechGirls welcomes Assia Zemir. She is from Blida, Algeria. Assia is 16 years old and the eldest of three children. She is a student at Mani Mohamed High School… Continue reading