Laureen Abd Al Nabi (Palestinian Territo

Laureen Abd Al Nabi (Palestinian Territories) is 16 years old and is one of 6 children. Her passion for technology started at a young age. She knows a lot about computer hardware and software, Microsoft Office, Computer Networks and took her programming knowledge to a new height this summer with a class in C++ Programming during TechGirls. Her vision for a community-based project has never waivered. Laureen wanted to share her knowledge in technology with the elderly in her community so they can benefit from all the ways they can stay in touch with children and grandchildren. She is a community builder.
Laureen attends Terra Sancta School and is in her final year. It is a busy time, however she planned and executed a series of classes at St Nicolas home for the elderly. Her first set of classes included 5 seniors and she plans to involve friends and teach others. Participants learned how to Skype, Facebook, email, watch YouTube, and manage the settings on the Smartphone. In addition to working with the elderly, Laureen is going to start a course for peers at school, teaching them C++.