My Life Philosophy by 2014 TechGirl Ouafae Bousbaa (Morocco)

These week we are pleased to feature another bright 2014 TechGirl–Oufae Bousbaa from Morocco!


The personal legend is what you have always wanted to do. Each one of us in his youth knows what is his personal legend…to realize one’s personal legend is one’s only true obligation.

Paul Coelho The Alchemist


I believe that in this life, human beings live to accomplish a specific mission, and achieve their personal legend.

In this great universe everything is clear and possible—we have the right to dream and wish whatever we want. As long as there are no fears about dreaming, there are no limits. And during the long time it can take before we achieve our goals, a mysterious power sometimes tries to prove that it is impossible for us to accomplish our mission. It seems to be a negative power at first, but it helps us to become even stronger as we give it our best shot.

In this regard, I see that life is but ups and downs—indeed, the deep holes, stormy nights, and moments of despair can be the elements that boost our will power. This is the reality of the soul of the universe. Destiny defined our missions since our first cry—it conspires with that mysterious power to draw us the right way, take our happiness and sadness, and create envy and jealousy inside each one of us.

I see the little stars are not only the wonderful creatures that light our dark sky, but also what make our dreams shine. In fact, a person without a dream is a person in a coma with a paralyzed mind. But if we carefully watch the sky, we’ll see a million little stars spelling out our personal legends. Because when you really want something badly, the entire universe agrees to let you realize your dream—it is the magic of life.