TechGirls Alumni Report: Tech to Impress with Sondos of Jordan (’13)!


Sondos Project 2Even before we met TechGirl Sondos from Jordan (2013), we heard about a device she was creating: a wireless baby monitor.

Through research, Sondos discovered during sleep, babies sometimes experience health complications sometimes resulting in death, due to high fever or suffocation from exposure to high density of gases without available means of supervision. Given her humanitarian approach and her well rounded technical background, Sondos rose to the challenge.

Not only has Sondos participated in the TechGirls program, but she is also an avid participant in Leaders of Tomorrow, the Young Arab Voices Debate Program, the Amman Center for Human Rights Studies, leadership camp, and Jubilee Model United Nations. Before TechGirls, Sondos took classes in robotics, visual basic, Oracle, Invention, Photoshop and HTML and SQL programming. During her TechGirls experience at iD Tech Camp, Sondos studied web design. After TechGirls, Sondos took on a community-based project teaching web design to a group of her peers in Jordan.

Screen shot 2014-06-09 at 4.58.07 PMThe wireless baby monitor Sondos created uses parents’ smartphones to alert them if irregularities are detected in temperature or gas values.

Recently, Sondos presented on her project at a Jubilee School end of year ceremony where many of the best students in various disciplines were given certificates and awards. Sondos won the scientific excellence award, excellence in volunteer work award, and third place for outstanding project.

Of her work, modest Sondos says, “I’ve made my parents proud of me and I think this is a sufficient reason for my happiness today.”

We’re proud of you too, Sondos—you are a shining example of using technology for social good!

Sondos Project 3