As TechGirls we belong by Yara Abdelhady (Egypt ’12)

Congratulations to TechGirl Yara Abdelhady (’12) of Egypt, for her recent acceptance to Bates College, in Maine.


554040_4831998276842_2086735667_nThere’s no way this would be happening if it wasn’t for TechGirls. TechGirls was the first place where I felt a sense of belonging. It helped me grow as intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally.

Of course, we had our humorous insights during the program too. It was out of this world. I remember one night while crashing in a single dorm (despite each having our own rooms) some of the girls were painting their nails, others were curling their hair, some were eating, some were doing makeup, and yet, we were all discussing how curiosity was going to land on Mars! It was amazing in every possible way. I think all of us felt a little out of place in the real world. We don’t fit the stereotype of nerd the media tried to publicize, and we refuse, by all means, to act dumb to appease societal standards. Together—as TechGirls—we belonged.

I remember thinking, These TechGirls are awesome. Then I thought, Wait, maybe I’m not so weird myself. The boost of self-confidence was refreshing, to say the least. We were so similar, yet so different. It was amazing. Sitting together and talking about an organization in Palestine with offices all over the world, run by us, that aims to change the world, was perfectly normal and possible. Their success stories are mine too and they squash every last bit of doubt that creeps in over time. They remind me that we do not compromise the change!

Hearing about the success of the other girls makes me feel proud and empowered. I feel that the plan we made of changing the world, while cramped in a dorm room too small to hold all of us, is finally working.