TechGirls: a special second family

TechGirl Radia Soulmani (2013) was recently asked by TechGirl alum Khadija Bencekri (2012) to be a speaker in the TEDx event she was putting on. We’re delighted to see these kinds of partnerships between TechGirls generations–this is what it’s all about!

by TechGirl Radia Soulmani (Morocco–2013)radia and khadija

One day in January while checking my inbox, I found an invitation from Rabat’s US Embassy to attend a Tedx event organised by TechGirl Khadija Bencekri on the topic “The Power of Ideas,” Right away, I thought it was a great thing. I got introduced to TED talks during the TechGirls program and was looking forward to attend one. I thought it was also a good opportunity to get to know last year’s TechGirls, particularly Khadija because we had never met. It was a good opportunity to visit Zagora as well, which is in the south of Morocco, whereas I live in the North.

A few days later I got a phone call from Khadija herself, telling me she would like me to be a speaker at the event. I was surprised at first. I had never spoken in front of an audience as big as the one expected at the event. But then I said to myself it would be a chance for me to share my experience with a larger group, and meet w other speakers.

During the event on the 11th of January, I met a lot of inspiring people who had amazing stories and ideas to share. And I when it came to my turn, I didn’t get frustrated at all when speaking. In fact, I felt very comfortable. For me, it was an amazing experience, and it showed me that although the TechGirls 2013 had officially ended, I still had a special second family that will always be there for me.