Clever Girls Are the Future — by TechGirl Sondos Wa’el Al Najjar (Jordan)

DSCF2048What do you do if you want to teach HTML coding to young Jordanian girls but you don’t have reliable access to a computer lab? Ask Sondos Wa’el Al Najjar of Zarqa’, Az Zarqa, Jordan!

For her community-based project, Sondos wanted to provide training in HTML and CSS coding to girls so that they could learn to build websites, however, she lacked some of the most basic resources, such as a computer lab. Despite this challenge, Sondos and her students persevered.  Sondos’ resourcefulness, creativity, and contagious enthusiasm paved the way to a successful  month-long course on web design, coding, and the importance of design itself. At first, her students were somewhat dubious, not quite believing that the codes Sondos wrote on the chalkboard could possibly be the building blocks of a website.

“Is this really true?!” they would ask her.

“Yes!” she told them.

For the first part of the course, they worked on creating paper websites, bright, colorful and logically designed, under Sondos’ guidance. 


By the time that the last few sessions of the course transpired, Sondos had secured a computer lab to bring them to.  The students were ecstatic about finally getting to see how HTML coding worked in real time and enjoyed putting what they had learned to work. 


“Educating young girls is an essential need and should be put as a goal upon governments,” says Sondos. “I’ve noticed that young girls, who are 12 and younger, have a clear mind and can accept the knowledge given to them faster than anyone else. We have to take care of them because those clever girls are the future itself.”

The clever girls who attended Sondos’ class are looking forward to using their skills in the near future and are thankful for having gotten to spend a month under the innovative, resourceful, and encouraging eye of Sondos Wa’el Al Najjar, their fearless instructor.Sondos teaching