New Year’s Blessings and a Reflection from TechGirl Assia in Algeria

New Years Photo

by Assia Zemir, Algeria, TechGirl 2013

Everything starts with a thought, a wish, and then becomes a dream. Then it becomes a goal that needs to be achieved. And each year we ask ourselves whether or not we’ve achieved these goals.

2013 started with a resolution, a plan, and here it ends with a reflection about everything that made it so special.

About all the amazing discoveries and inventions of 2013, from the cloning of human cells and genome editing to the discovery of a new meat-eating mammal.

About the year in which humanity lost a great inspiration, an amazing leader: the one and only Nelson Mandela, peace upon his soul.

And in which many innocent lives are gone because of devastating tornados and earthquakes, horrible train and meteorite crashes and tragic conflicts. It has been a year in which the world made a lot of progress but went through a lot of problems.

This is why today I wish that the coming year will be better, that smiles will be drawn more often on people’s faces, that humanity won’t witness heartbreaking events but mind blowing inventions…

I simply wish a very happy new year to everyone out there. To everyone suffering from diseases and illnesses, I wish that they would soon be cured. To the ones who are shedding tears right now, I wish that the tears will soon be washed away and replaced by smiles and laughs. I wish for everyone’s wishes to come true and for everyone’s dreams to be reached.

Let’s not forget that 2013 was the year that I was blessed by the TechGirls experience–my best wishes to my TechGirls family out there! May 2014 be even more special to all of you!

For those who are now applying to participate in this amazing program, I wish you the very best of luck.

Finally, I would like to tell all the people who are trying to make a change out there in this world, that this year they may have heard of important people who made amazing achievements but next year they could be among them, as long as they never lose hope. As Nelson Mandela said, “It will always seem impossible until it is done.”

Happy New Year to everyone!