TechGirl Lina from Libya–the Power of One!

During the time that the 2013 TechGirls of 2013 were in the US, we visited with a number of large tech companies, non-profits, and inspiring innovators and entrepreneurs. During the morning we spent at Google, the TechGirls were given a training in Scratch–on online software platform that allows users to create animations and stories, games, and to connect with the global Scratch community. Many of the TechGirls were quite enthralled by the possibilities open to them through Scratch technology, one of them, in particular, who decided to teach a group of her peers how to use Scratch during a workshop she led at her school back in Tripoli. Using the leadership skills she gained through the TechGirls program, Lina was able to take what she learned at Google and share it effectively with 56 of her peers. Both the participants and Lina report that the workshop was very well received and that they thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with the Scratch platform.

Thank you to Google, MIT (for creating Scratch), Lina’s school for securing a space for her to teach, to Lina herself for doing such an excellent job teaching, and to the US Department of State for making the TechGirls program possible!