What are the TechGirls of 2013 up to now?

The TechGirls of 2013

The intrepid TechGirls of 2013


Upon returning to their home countries, each TechGirls participant is asked to carry out a project that focuses on tech training and passing on the skills they learned during the program, a tech career awareness event, or a community service project. Each TechGirl spent many hours planning out all the details of the projects they plan to implement. We are happy to share summaries of the stellar projects they have in mind below.



Name: Assia Zemir

Project:  Computer Science Classes – Take a Chance, Make a Change. Assia plans to teach computer science classes (HTML5 and CSS3) to at least 10 people ages 13-17 at the Youth House in her city Blida. She hopes to complete 10-18 hours of instruction. Youth in Algeria spend a lot of time on computers and she hopes to harness their interest to teach them skills that could help them to build skills that could help them join the workforce in the future.

Name: Imene Maalem

Project: Techie Girls To establish teaching online club which is composed of 10 girls interested in technology and hoping to learn more. Imene hopes to teach them about website design skills (html and css) using a blog and video in Arabic so that the girls can learn at their own speed.

Name: Djamila Laissaoui

Project:  Community Service – Cancer Awareness Djamila aims to work with a local association called “El Fajer Association” to organize a community service event for youth. Her aim is to help raise money for people suffering from cancer.


Name: Malak Sewelem

Project: Tech-Geeks Blog  Malak plans to create a blog that will inspire teens (especially girls) to pursue careers in technology. Her blog will consist of interviews with TechWomen and other professionals in the technology field. Malak is especially interested in exposing girls to tech careers beyond engineering or medicine. She plans to share her blog with as many networks as possible so that girls all over the world can have access to its inspiring content.

Name: Nada Ali

Project: Tech Training  Nada aims to teach tech skills through a charity organization in her community. She will focus primarily on web design. Nada hopes to work with 5-8 youth.

Name: Mai Hal

Project: Mai hopes to create a YouTube channel featuring the skills she learned during TechGirls, especially what she learned at iD Tech Camp. The videos will be in Arabic and Mai hopes to promote it using a Facebook group and other networks.


Name: Sondos Alnajjar

Project: Technology for Everyone!  Sondos plans to train 10-15 girls between the ages of 13 and 20 in computer skills (web design, CSS, and Notepad+++) for 4 hours a week over the course of a month and a half. Sondos hopes that this training will allow the particpants to have more opportunities in the future.

Name: Joanna Arida

Project: The Tech Effect  Joanna will be carrying out several events and activities as part of her community service projects. She has invited Heba Abu Shehadeh (from Yahoo!) to come to her school to speak to students in grades 10-12 about herself, her career, and why girls should pursue a career in technology. Joanna has also begun interacting with the Tzu Chi foundation, doing community service with them every Friday and gathering donations for them and their work. Joanna will also be using her skills as an artist and a teacher to do a one-hour art therapy with children who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Name: Sawsan Bulbul

Project: You Can Do It!  Sawsan is planning to hold a tech career discussion at her school, open to 30+ girls. She will be inviting 2-3 professionals in the technology field to share their knowledge and encourage the girls to pursue a career in technology. In addition, Sawsan will start a blog dedicated to awareness about environmental issues especially in Jordan, with the intention of encouraging Jordanian citizens to become more environmentally conscious.


Name: Lina Ghandour

Project: Hands  Through her community project, Lina plans to reach out to Syrian refugees in Lebanon who are not living in refugee camps. With the help of other volunteers, Lina will collect food, books, and clothes to donate to the Syrians. Lina is coordinating her efforts with community leaders and experts in the field. She plans to create a Facebook page with links on how others can help.

Name: Lama Halabi

Project: Lama will link up with NGO Migrant Worker Task Force of Lebanon to help teach basic computer skills to migrant workers. Her intention is to help migrant workers better communicate with their loved ones and sharpen their skills. She also plans to assist the organization with presentations and trainings on public health issues, particularly hygiene. She will be teaching 8-10 people for two hours on Sundays, over the course of three months. Lama is also active in Injaz (Junior Achievement model), which has a business project offering cedar saplings to people that eventually get replanted in the mountains of Lebanon. The cedar tree is a symbol of national unity, which this project hopes to promote. Lama will use the website design skills she gained at iD Tech Camp to promote the project.

Name: Lama Abdul Sater

Project: Take the Chance, Be Responsible, Make Change.  Lama aims to build leadership skills and highlight the importance of community service through a five-day workshop offered for teens. The five-day workshop will also teach the basics of Web Design with an emphasis on coding and social media knowledge around advertising. Lama plans to draw on the support of the Lebanese Student Association to help enlist interested teens.


Name: Lina Benamer

Project: Tech Time! Lina will train 10-20 youth aged 13-16 on how to use Scratch software during 3 one-day workshops (3-5 hours each). Using Scratch, participants will be able to program their own interactive stories, games and animations, and share their creations in the online community. Scratch helps young people to learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively—skills Lina believes are essential for life in the 21st century.

Name: Rehan Gasiea

Project: Rehan hopes to teach computer basics and web design to young Libyan girls.

Name: Saja Elhafi

Project: TechTastic  Saja plans to invite 3-4 tech professionals to meet with Libyan girls and share with them thoughts on pursuing a career in technology and the increasing importance of technology in our everyday lives. Through this event, Saja hopes to encourage more Libyan girls to become interested in pursuing careers in technology.


Name: Hafssa Kouskous

Project: We Tech it  Hafssa plans to teach Web Design (HTML, CSS) to young girls starting in October. Hafssa hopes to give courses at her school on Mondays and at a local tech center on Thursdays. Hafssa aims to enlist the help of one of her computer science teachers to help.

Name: Safaa Berkani

Project:  Enjoy Tech  Safaa plans to teach a total of 70 students under the age of 10 (with an emphasis on girls) on various aspects of computers and technology. She will teach three separate groups of students on different occasions, focusing on basic computer skills, how to make games using Scratch, and finally, web design (using HTML5 and CSS3). She hopes that this will encourage and motivate youth from a young age to get involved in the STEM field.

Name: Radia Soulmani

Project: Let’s Get Tech! Radia will be teaching a website design class for 20 peers. She will teach one 3-hour class per month for a 4-month period. Radia also plans to hold a donation drive to collect school materials for underprivileged youth. Eventually, Radia intends to create a “TechCaravan” (a mobile unit that travels around Morocco teaching individuals about tech skills and computer basics).


Names: Daniella Tanas and Razan Marzouqa

Project: With the support of their school, Daniella and Razan plan to use their school’s lab to teach a course on IC3 (rnet and Computing Core Certification) to a group of 20 girls in the 10th grade. They will be teaching a 90-minute course once a week for two months.

Name: Nagham Joudeh

Project: Bas Banat (Just Girls)  Nagham plans to organize career-awareness meetings for a group of seventy 14-16 year old girls at her school. She will invite at least 5-7 successful professionals in STEM fields to at least 5 meetings with the girls during which they will discuss their path to STEM and provide advice and guidance.


Name: Yosr Mafhoudi

Project: Yosr plans to carry out a donation drive to collect clothing for low-income youth which she will carry out in part with her mother. Yosr plays in the Symphonic Tunisian Orchestra and will be playing a volunteer concert for Esmaani, a humanitarian association that benefits patient residents in hospitals.

Name: Amina Chida

Project: Fadina  Amina is working on a number of projects. She is volunteering to collect school supplies for children in need with the organization 3oyoun e Toufoula. She is also focusing on youth by teaching kids between 8 and 13 years old about civic engagement and being a part of their communities. Through this activity, Amina will also be bringing the attention of the youth she works with to the importance of technology. She is also planning a larger public awareness event for youth about citizenship and social engagement. Through this event, Amina hopes to engage participants in discussions about how to behave in their communities in order to promote peace and live without violence.

Name: Olfa Hammami

Project: TechGirls Support  Olfa plans to build a website that will provide information and support to girls seeking out information about programs like TechGirls. Seeing that girls in Tunisia (and worldwide) often don’t have enough support and inspiration to take steps toward learning more about technology and staying updated in the field, Olfa sees this website she will create as a portal that will help girls to learn about more opportunities and allow for interaction between girls from all over to share their experiences and get advice. Through the website, Olfa will also share news about technology, skill-development, and she hopes that it will spark interest in working collaboratively on tech projects.


Names: Lamis Alhaimi, Alya Alsheibani and Seba Salem (joint project)

Project: Rebuild  Lamis, Alysa, and Seba plan to work as a team and use the skills they learned during TechGirls to teach web design and game design courses to girls in Yemen. Their goal is to have at least 20 students and they hope to implement the courses by November.