Remembering What We Share and Value: a message from Mr. Rash

Mr. J.E. Rash

Mr. J.E. Rash

My Dear Friends, Lights of the Future:

In times like this, it is difficult to separate the light from the darkness, the joy from the misery, the hope from the hopelessness, the good behaviour (adab) from the bad, but we—you and I—and all those who share the light of compassion and tolerance, peace and mercy, of patience and service and, yes, even forgiveness, must remember to Remember. We have to affirm our values, if not hour by hour, than daily. Our vision for a better future can only come true when we keep our hearts cleansed of anger and hate, of bigotry and bias, of doubt and fear. In today’s world; and especially in your region of the world right now, this is a monumental task.

But I know you can do this! I know because I have seen you, met you, spoken with you, shared meals with you, and worked with you on your dream of a better future; your dream of serving others without regard for name, religion, gender, nationality. You are the future and we must never forget it.

I hope and I pray that amidst all the mindless violence in the world today you will maintain your clear purpose and belief in the power of a positive vision. I hope and pray that in a world where religion and ethnicity, sectarianism and culture are used and abused for political and selfish ends you special young women who have a vision for a better future will continue to embrace the welfare of others, will continue on the path of education, of creativity, of service, of concern and of commitment to one another and to the Universal Values we discussed and affirmed together.

There are tens of millions of people without clear direction and opportunity in their lives, yet they are yearning for opportunity and are willing to build bridges of understanding and cooperation across borders, and through technology to meet common challenges. You are the hope and we stand with you.

Please keep me/us informed of not only your projects but your needs. Our commitment is to continue our work with you.

Be safe, be positive, be assured that truth and justice, equality and equity, even love and peace will eventually prevail.

J.E. Rash Founder and President, Legacy International