The Change is Already Starting by Radia Soulmani (Morocco)

One year ago, I was just a 14-year-old girl swimming against the flow. When I looked around me, I saw a place where it seemed few people believed in the changes that young people can bring to the world. While I don’t live in an environment of fear, I do live in a place where I felt discouraged despite my ambition and potential.

Now, after spending 23 days with the TechGirls program, I’m willing to do what it takes to make a change. I’m even more ambitious. And I’m not afraid to let others hear my voice.


Throughout my stay in the United States, not only did I improve my technology and leadership skills, but I also discovered many feelings hidden deep inside me.  Compassion, courage, hope, determination, and most of all: faith in humanity. Faith that universal values can help us to see the light around us and that we can live in a world of peace, equality, and positive development.

Being exposed to successful people and hearing their stories was a unique experience that taught me that everyone faces obstacles. When facing these obstacles, we are given a choice. A strong person does not give up the fight. A strong person believes that even the smallest ideas can have an impact on the world if they are directed in the right way.

The week we spent at iD Tech Camp at Towson University in Maryland was an opportunity for me to improve my web design skills and learn more about American culture. It was my favorite part of the program. I got to know the TechGirls much better and made friendships with other American teenagers. Watching the fireworks on the 4th of July during that week was a moment that really sparked something in me.

Now that I’m back at home, full of passion and hope, I want to share what I have experienced with other young people in my community—especially those who are less fortunate—by executing a follow-on project.

As I think of all the changes I can make in the world, the words of Mr. J.E. Rash still resonate in my mind. “Never forget who you are or where you come from. Never forget God’s blessings.”