Life After TechGirls…TechGirl Alum Sura Mubarak (Jordan) Speaks!


I am Sura Mubarak and I am a student in the Jubilee School for gifted and talented students in Amman, Jordan.

My love for technology started when I participated in the Intel Arab Science Competition held in Egypt 2010. I participated in the computer science category and worked on a project that helps people with hand disabilities to control a computer in a fun yet easy way through MATLAB computer language software. I won first place for projects from Jordan and second place on computer science category on the Arab world. Because of this, my teachers realized my passion to technology and I was nominated by my school to apply for TechGirls. I applied and luckily got accepted.

I learned many things during my TechGirls journey. I met different people from different countries, learnt about many cultures from Middle East, North Africa and America, and made long lasting friendships with everyone I met. Through the TechGirls program, I have met many women who have many achievements in the field of technology and are working in high tech companies such as Google and Facebook.

This journey has taught me the importance of technology—it’s the future of tomorrow. I have learned to be responsible and determined to achieve my dreams. I’ve learned not to let anyone hold me back and to keep moving forward. I became more determined to study Architecture in combination with Engineering Technology. I believe that we should focus on constructing buildings that are environmental friendly and smart (depend on technology and computerized systems).

After coming back from TechGirls program, I joined Yaghmoor Architects so that I could learn more about architecture and projects that they work on nowadays. I also joined TechnoFuture Jordan, a robotics teaching center. We participated in National Robotics Competitions in Jordan and the Open Arab Robotics Competition in Egypt. We, the Technofuture Jordan teams, won 6 big awards. I also joined Amman International Marathon Social Media Team, TEDx Amman, and TEDx JU Social Media Team, where I learned more about social media, tweeting, and posted pictures and talks on social networks.

I applied to join TechnoFuture staff and from demonstrating my dedication and hard work, I will be working this summer with 4-6 years old kids teaching them robotics, art, farming, dancing, cooking, etc. with the help of the rest of the staff.

The TechGirls program gave me the confidence and determination to pursue my dreams in the field of technology and search for any opportunities related to technology and make use of it.