“Balancing the Hemispheres” by Joanna from Jordan

by TechGirl Joanna Arida (Jordan)

Drawing by Joanna Arida

(Drawing copyright Joanna Arida)

Many people these days either focus on the left or right hemisphere of their brains; a way for them to feel like this is what makes them special. If a person is born to be left-handed then she is right-brained (creative, imaginative, thinks out of the box, etc.) and that’s what the person will basically focus on; being a right-brained person. But that’s not the point. People shouldn’t focus on the right brain just because they’re right-brained and forget the logical, mathematical, and analytical left-brain because that’s what they believe they should really work on. People need to strike a balance between both hemispheres.

This program gave us the opportunity to create a balance between these two hemispheres—that’s what really matters in the end. People weren’t born to be left-brained or right-brained. People were born to strive to work on striking a balance between both hemispheres; the logical one and the imaginative, and that’s exactly what the TechGirls program is doing.

The TechGirls program not only requires you to use your intelligence and technical skills, but your imagination and creativity as well. It shows you that people can’t always fix a certain problem by being smart but being creative. Thinking outside of the box will certainly take you somewhere. As Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than intelligence.”