One Fabulous Week at iD Tech Camp!

The TechGirls just finished one splendorous week at iD Tech Camp at Towson University where they took classes in web design and 3D game design (and watched fireworks, ate lots of ice cream, and made many new friends!).

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“Working with the TechGirls has been enlightening,” says iD Tech Camp director Rebecca Weimer. “Having them here challenged us to take camp to the next level and provide even more opportunities for them.” Head instructor Casey Arterburn remarked “The training the TechGirls received seemed really important to them. Some of our campers come in thinking of coding as a hobby, but with these girls, you can tell it’s more than that. They are bent on using technology to better their communities.”

TechGirl Imene Maallem of Algeria spent the week learning how to design and create websites using Dreamweaver. Her week culminated in the creation of a website dedicated to educating the public about environmental issues. After seeing many signs posted around the Towson University campus and in the hotel where the TechGirls stayed, Imene was inspired to take up the cause. “At first I felt that I wasn’t going to do well in the class because I have never worked with HTML and CSS coding, but after the lessons I felt I really learned a lot. I gained many skills that will help me when I’m back at home, where I will carry on.” Upon returning to Algeria, Imene hopes to make a website for her high school with her newly gained expertise. “I’m excited to apply my skills and help my friends learn this technology as well.”

iD Tech Camp instructors were very impressed with how Nagham Joudeh’s passion for Palestine was expressed in the HTML and CSS coding class. It was Nagham’s first time using DreamWeaver, which she use to create a website about Palestine’s rich history. “This class was a great start,” Nagham says, “Our instructors told us the more websites you make, the better you will get. There’s no doubt I’m going to start many websites.” Nagham is also looking forward to teaching her friends how to make websites when she returns to Palestine. “Tech Camp has been great,” says Nagham, “We are like a family. It’s been great fun. In school, we don’t have much opportunity to experiment with what we learn. Here, we have had a lot of freedom. The teachers give us basic instructions and then we are able to do what we want with it. We can make choices about what we want to learn. I never had the opportunity to choose how I wanted to learn or what I wanted to learn before and I find I’ve learned a lot more this way.”

Departure day was bittersweet for both the TechGirls and the iD Tech Camp staff. Though many TechGirls came in with some training and knowledge about web and 3D game design, few had ever been taught in this mode and learned so much in a little amount of time. The girls were thrilled with the skills they mastered and the newfound freedom it gave them.

“It was a pleasure to have the girls here,” said iD Tech Camp director Rebecca Weimer, “We felt really honored.”