Technology as a Powerful Educational Tool to Create Change


TechGirl Assia Zemir interacts with the ePals forum

Today we met with Nina Zolt, Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer, ePals, Inc. and Stephanie Cohen, Vice President – ePals Global Community. As young innovators of our generation, we seek to be creative in our pursuits to change the world. To make an impact on the world, Nina encouraged us to collaborate with others, recognizing one another for our strengths in the spirit of building a better world.

We are learning how deeply impactful technology is in bringing people together. On top of that, we are seeing how technology can bring people together from all over the world to learn from one another. Stephanie noted the importance of keeping up with technology in order to harness it for educational purposes.

We learned about how we can collaborate with other students and teachers around the globe through the ePals virtual space for learning online. Through this, we can work on projects with other cool like-minded kids like us!