We are… the TechGirls!

We are...

“We are…”

Participants of the 2013 TechGirls program were asked to complete the sentence “We are…” Here is what they came up with:

We are twenty-seven girls that hold the future of the next generation.
We are a family that comes from nine countries, united by our goal and hope for change.
We are a family that shares the same interests: to change the world using technology.
We are a various truth seeking community that is made up of twenty-seven girls—we not only want to discover the world but we want to change it as well.
We are girls who are totally different but have that one thing in common—tech-interests.
We are girls from corrupted countries that are willing to make a change.
We are a group of teenage girls who are eager to learn more about technology.
We are twenty-seven girls from different countries that have the same interests.
We are showing an interest in technology fields from different countries (and we rock!).
We are a group of teenage girls that are hoping to make the world a better place.
We are a family that cares about each other and loves each member of the family like sisters.
We are similarly different.
We are ambitious, excited, determined girls who love technology, of course!
We are Arabic future leaders.
We are hoping for a better tomorrow.
We are the next generation of the greatest female programmers in the world!
We are motivated, excited, happy, and grateful.
We are everything.
We are awesome girls.
We are just us!
We are the future.
We are awesome.
We are geek-chic.
We are the future, hopeful, determined, powerful, making a change, smart, self-confident, highly motivated, what we want to be, going to make a difference.
We are professionals.
We are the future power.
We are a community—together we help others.
We are really excited about the program, looking for a better life, amazing, aiming to develop our countries.
We are not smart but brilliant.
We are a family. We are sisters.
We are blessed.
We are going to change the world.
We are leaders, twenty-seven girls from nine countries, the future, the change, hope, young girls who want to make their communities a better place, the best, living our dream, one big family, just amazing! 1, 2, 3, “TechGirls!”