The Multiplier Effect

Upon returning home each TechGirl will present seminars at her school or in her community, and train a minimum of two additional people each.  TechWomen will help mentor the TechGirls building collaboration amongst the generations.

TechGirls will have access to on-going training after the camp using iD Tech’s free online monthly workshops and iD Tech 365-an immersive, online educational destination which includes step-by-step tutorials, videos, online gaming tournaments, moderated forums and more.

Tech Women Mentor-Mentee

Follow -On plans : During the program, each participant will keep a journal and develop an action plan to transfer skills and knowledge gained back home.  These plans will include ways to share the experience with friends.   The young women feel ownership of this process as they think about ways they can personally apply lessons learned.  Ideas may include – starting a Tech Club at school, offering training to family members, helping local business by designing a website, creating an on-line dialogue forum with friends, blogging, starting tech career fairs at their school.