TechGirls Program Design

TechGirls is a full and intensive training program in a safe and secure setting.  Participants are involved in  university level training, gaining high level skills, and immersing themselves in  American culture.

The TechGirls program will:

  • Improve participants’ ability to enter tech fields and gain access to higher education.
  • Connect TechGirls and TechWomen in mentoring relationships
  • Enable participants to implement a concept/idea/model learned during the program in their home country.
  • Increase access to resources and networks that support their interests and educational goals.
  • Increase participants’ usage of on-line venues for collaboration between U.S. and MENA peers.
  • Increase virtual and real -time collaboration  on ways to address societal issues (i.e. employment opportunities, engaging youth in service, public health awareness…).
  • Increase commitment to civic engagement and participation.
  • Equip participants for implementing follow-on activities in their home communities that support their future academic and professional goals in the technology field.

Legacy International  works effectively with multi-cultural groups,  professionals from various sectors, and people from areas of inter-ethnic and inter-religious turmoil.   Our breadth of experience has given us a strong understanding of social, cultural, and religious differences, and the ability to adapt program models to various cultural contexts.