Meet this year’s TechGirls

ASSIA ZEMIR (nickname: Assoussa)

TechGirls welcomes Assia Zemir. She is from Blida, Algeria. Assia is 16 years old and the eldest of three children. She is a student at Mani Mohamed High School where she enjoys studying math and mechanics. Assia’s interest in technology began as a child when watching a cartoon named “Code Lyko.” As a young woman today, she feels that a career in technology will better equip her with leadership skills and the capacity to help people with life threatening illnesses. Assia hopes to invent improvements to machines that aid in hemodialysis or a device that could replace the pancreas to help save lives. In her free time, Assia enjoys swimming. While her native language is Arabic, Assia is also fluent in English and French. She is self -described as ‘ambitious’ and ‘determined.’ Assia is enthusiastic about gaining new technological skills and is determined to chase her dreams.


Djamila is a TechGirl from Jijel, Algeria. She is 16 years old and is the youngest of four siblings. She is a student at Bouraoui Amar Secondary School. Djamila enjoys courses such as data processing and mechanics. She speaks English, French and Arabic and loves to play handball. Djamila’s interest in tech stems from advancements in television, internet, and phone technology. As a TechGirl, she hopes to strengthen her knowledge of practical application in order to help drive sustainable energy in her community in the form of electricity conservation. She aspires to be a researcher one day and describes herself as ‘dynamic’ and ‘energetic.’


TechGirls welcomes Imene Maalem. Imene is from Tebessa, Algeria. She is 17 years old and has two sisters and one brother. She attends Malek Ben Nobi Secondary School. She likes physics and math and wants to learn more about computer programming. She aspires to be a Computer Programmer one day. Imene’s initial interest in tech is derived from great advancements made in the field over the years. Imene feels that being a TechGirl will help her pass on tech skills in her country and she hopes to build a tech school one day. Imene says the three words that describe her are: ‘determined,’ ‘patient,’ and ‘sincere.’ She feels that those qualities are necessary for a person to become a good leader.


Meet Nada Ali. Nada is from Helwan, Egypt. She is 15 years old, the youngest of 4 sisters. Nada attends school at Deutsche Schule der Borromaerinnen (The German School of Alexandria). She enjoys math and physics and dreams of becoming a Software Engineer. Playing computer games sparked her interest in technology. Soon enough, she began seeking more information on programming. As a TechGirl, Nada hopes to build her skills in tech, make new friends from all over the world, and boost her chances of becoming the youngest Google Student Ambassador. Nada is ambitious and is involved with many extracurricular activities involving volunteerism and technology. She hopes to take part in future TEDx conferences and start her own tech blog.


A big techie hello to Malak Sowelem! Malak is a 15 year old high school freshman at The German School in Alexandria, Egypt. She has one older brother. Her favorite subjects are English, Math, Physics and Chemistry. Malak is fiercely passionate about technology. At the age of 9, she designed her own website and won a prize in the underage web designer’s category of the Egyptian E-content competition. She has also participated in several FLL competitions (First Lego league) in Alexandria, Egypt. Malak is active in the “Children Help Children” charity/student exchange program. Malak hopes to pursue a career in Nano technology. Malak is independent and hopes to inspire people in her community to learn more about technology.


Welcome TechGirl Mai Hal. Mai is from the town of Port Said in Egypt. She is 16 years old and has four other brothers and sisters. Mai’s role model and inspiration is her Mother. She has participated in a number of tech related activities such as Classes in Adobe and ICDL. She has also participated in the E-youth camp (2012), the U.S-Egypt science discovery program, and the Young Scientist Enrichment Program. In one word, Mai describes herself as, ‘Ambitious’, saying, “I never stop working; I always try to be better.”


Introducing Lina Benamer from Tripoli, Libya. She is 16 years old and is a student at Ali Siala School. Lina is the eldest of three siblings. Lina is active in her community and has helped organize drives for the needy. Some of her favorite subjects are math and computer science. Lina is fascinated by robotics and hopes to build on her knowledge of tech in order to pursue future studies in a B.Sc or M.Sc. She is self-motivated and creative.


Meet Rehan Gasiea, a 16 year old from Tripoli, Libya studying at Ali Saila School. Rehan’s inspiration comes from Steve Jobs, who she describes as a ‘mastermind’. She is passionate about computer technology. She hopes to learn more about computer software and hardware. Rehan is one of 5 children. She is active in many sports such as basketball and cycling. She loves to experiment with the internet and aspires to become an ICT Computer Programmer.


TechGirl Saja Elhafi from Tripoli, Libya is 15 years old and has two other brothers and one younger sister. She is a student at I.S.M in Tripoli. Saja describes herself as ‘determined’ and ‘open-minded.’ Her interest in technology stemmed from the evolution of smart phones and tablets. She’s always wondered how they worked, how touch screens are programmed, and how voice recognition was developed. She is also inspired by Steve Jobs and notes, “He developed Apple to be a household name that not only plays a large role in modern technology, but also in our everyday lives.”

OLFA HAMMAMI (nickname: Luffa)

Tunisian Techie Olfa Hammami comes from Medjez ElBed, Tunisia. She is 17 and has a 21-year-old brother. Olfa is a student with the Pioneer High School, Bizerte, Tunisia. She enjoys math, physics, technology, chemistry, and computer science. Olfa is a member of many associations and she has a certificate in energy science. Olfa participated in the event “Free Software Day”. She started playing chess at the age of 6, and at the age of 9 she became a part of national chess team. At an international championship in Serbia and Morocco, she won many medals. Olfa hopes her participation in TechGirls will help her realize her ambitions. Olfa described herself as a strong willed person. Her reference says that she is sociable, flexible, and willing to take up any kind of activity.


Star Student, Yosr comes from Ennasr Ariana, Tunisia. She is 17 and has younger siblings. Yosr is a student with Lycée Pierre Mendés France de Tunisia. She is fluent in Arabic and English and also speaks French and Spanish. Yosr is interested in Math, Physics and Technology. In her Earth and Natural Sciences classes, she worked on waste disposal systems. Yosr has also participated in International Math Olympics with her class in 2010 where they won first prize. In 2011, she participated in the Club for Artistic Creation using drawings and multimedia to create a cartoon show. She also participated in Tunisian International Model United Nations. Yosr performed free Symphonic Orchestra concerts in Tunisia during social and national festivals, as well as in France, Spain and China. Yosr is a member of a classic dance club. After the revolution, she participated in solidarity campaigns. Her passion is Engineering and Aerospatiale or Renewable Energy. She wants to meet other high level TechGirls and exchange her ideas with them in order to improve her personal ability. Yosr says she is goal oriented, determined, and outgoing.


Techie Daniela Tanas comes from Beit-Jala, Palestine. She is 17, and is the only child. Daniela attends Terra Sancta Girl’s School in Bethlehem. Daniela speaks Arabic and is also fluent in English and French. Her interests are focused on technology, math, chemistry and biology. Daniela participated in IC3 classes (Internet and Computer Core Certification). She studied Microsoft Visual Basic Programming, Algorithms, and currently studies the number systems. A year ago, she programmed a Jeopardy game with her schoolmates and with a support of her technology teacher. Last January Daniela was awarded a medal of distinction which indicates her academic excellence. Since 2006 Daniela has been learning to play the piano and she participated in local and international competitions. Daniela likes ping-pong and she participated in several matches with her school. She wants to improve her knowledge in computers and technology skills in general. She describes herself as ambitious, likes to explore and discover new things. She likes meeting new people and socializing.


Meet Nagham Joudeh from Nablus, Palestine. She is 16 and has three brothers. She attends Al Ayshiah Secondary School in Nablus. She speaks Arabic and English. Nagham is interested in Technology and Science and participated in technology classes at school (including Programming in Visual Basic). As for extracurricular activities, Nagham was a part of Technology club and participated in technology exhibition in 2012. She volunteered in Project HOPE – Music Harvest in 2012. Nagham was among top ten in Training for Knowledge Reading and in Science Olympics. She started using the computer at the age of 5; and she would like to study IT or Science. Nagham expects to improve her programming and game design skills with the TechGirls Program. She describes herself as curious, willing to learn, and adaptable. Welcome to TechGirls.

RAZAN MARZOUQA (nickname: Razoon)

Techie Razoon comes from Bethlehem, Palestine. She is 16 and has two brothers and a sister. In addition to her native Arabic language, she speaks English and is fluent in French, too. She attends Terra Sancta Girl’s School. At school, Razoon studied programs in Visual Basic, design, algorithms, and IC3. During an exhibition, she made a star-star network between 10 computers and made a model energy efficient home, and a telescope. Razoon was a scout in Jordan and participated in a leadership course at the camp with 100 students. She has also worked as a receptionist. Razoon describes herself as a confident person, a leader and an aspiring entrepreneur. Her reference describes her as eager to learn, with brilliant ideas, a person who learns fast and who does well in unfamiliar environments.

LAMA ABDUL SATER (nickname: Loulou)

TechGirl LouLou from Lebanon is 16 and has a sister and two brothers. She is a student with the Dauris High School in Baalberk. She speaks Persian, English and a little French. Favorite subjects include chemistry, computer and math. As for her extracurricular activities, she attended community life lessons and Social Media classes in the Lebanese Association for students. Loulou would like to work in the field of design and technology. She enjoys gymnastics. Her reference characterized Loulou as committed to what she does, confident, and enthusiastic.


Meet Lina Ghandour from Nabatieh, Lebanon. She is 17 and is the youngest of four – her two brothers are studying medicine and her sister is a dentistry student. Favorite subjects include math, physics and biology. Lina has taken technology classes at school and visits an orphanage often. She also likes sports. Lina’s inspirational figure is Marie Curie. Lina applied to the TechGirls Program as she likes to discover new places and cultures and expects the program to help her establish future goals and plans. She describes herself as ambitious, determined, and a humanitarian Lina is also excellent in communicating with others as she traveled a lot.


Big welcome to TechGirl Lama Halabi! Lama comes from Beirut and attends the Beirut Baptist School where she will graduate in 2014. Her favorite subjects are Physics, English, and Math. She is the oldest of 4 girls. Her sisters are ages 3, 11, and 12. She recently competed in a school science fair constructing a HHO Generator. She ended up being a finalist! Lama is very engaged at the community level. She works with an NGO called Migrant Workers Task Force- MWTF teaching migrant workers English. She belongs to the Toastmasters Club at American University of Beirut (a public speaking club.) She is also part of an international club called Face to Faith, where schools all around the world talk about their daily lives, faith, God and other related topics. She recently participated in the marathon walking with an autistic person. She hopes to major in mechanical engineering and some day get a master degree in aerospace engineering.


Technologist Hafssa is from Taza, Morocco. She is 15 years old and has an older sister and younger twin brothers. She is a student at Essaada School where she enjoys studying math, science, languages and computer science. Haffsa has long been interested in technology—she often mends mobile phones, TV’s, and laptops for friends, family, and even her neighbors. She also teaches language and technological skills to underprivileged children. She cites moguls like Arianna Huffington and Mark Zuckerberg as inspirations for a career in technology, hoping to one day be a computer engineer and Internet entrepreneur. Hafssa describes herself as ambitious, diligent, and professional. In her free time, Hafssa enjoys listening to music, dancing, and painting. Arabic is Hafssa’s native language and she is also fluent in English and French. Seeing herself as a “technological ambassador,” Hafssa is looking forward to taking the skills she learns during TechGirls back home to Morocco to facilitate and encourage technological integration.


Meet Radia from Safi, Morocco. She is 15 years old and has one younger brother. She is a student at École des Champions where she enjoys studying math. Her interest in technology was sparked by her father, a computer science and electronics professor, who encouraged her to discover the world of atoms, mathematics and programming. She is also interested in astronomy and is self-taught in Php and Html. She hopes to one day be an astronaut. Reading, listening to music, swimming, and comedy films are some of Radia’s passions. Radia is interested in creating an association for middle school girls in small villages in Morocco who can’t pursue their studies in technology due to limited financial resources. She wants to encourage them to find careers in technology. Radia speaks Arabic, English, French and basic German and Spanish. She describes herself as self-educated, ambitious, and persevering. Radia is thrilled to participate in TechGirls, make new friends, and be involved with a group of like-minded people who share her passion for applied technology.


Tech specialist, Safaa is from Tétouan, Morocco. She is 16 years old and has two sisters. Safaa studies at Imam Ghazali High School and particularly enjoys science engineering and math. In addition to her native language, Arabic, Safaa also speaks English, French and a little Spanish. She was nine when she started studying computer science. Her father teaches technology and she would often read the lessons he prepared for his students and watch him fixing machines. Safaa’s cousin was one of the first female tech teachers in Morocco, which inspired her interest in the field. Safaa learned to write algorithms in English and French and translate it into Pascal language. In middle school, she learned how to create websites, and is now studying science engineering. Safaa shares her father’s love and talent of repairing cell phones and electrical gadgets. Safaa is a member of the Child Community Council of Tétouan and the Enviornmental Club. She enjoys music, movies, and invention. Safaa has long dreamed of becoming a pilot. She is described as curious, ambitious, and determined and appreciates a challenge. Safaa is excited to participate in TechGirls, improve her tech skills, and become a future leader and expert in the field of technology.


Big TechGirl welcome to Joanna from Amman, Jordan. She is 15 years old and has one brother and one sister. Joanna studies at The Ahliyyah School for Girls and enjoys studying Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Economics, and English Literature. In addition to Arabic and English, Joanna also speaks some Russian. Joanna’s interest in technology was sparked by the work of Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein. Joanna recently participated in the Technovation Challenge, where she learned to create a Smartphone application and is also trained in Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver, Robotics, and ICDL modules. In her spare time, she enjoys playing the piano, painting, singing, and reading. She describes herself as hardworking and imaginative. In the future, she hopes to be a computer and information scientist or a computer programmer. Joanna is looking forward to TechGirls, to develop her general knowledge about technology as well as developing skills in team communication.


Techie Sawsan is from Amman, Jordan. She is 16 years old and has one older brother. Sawsan attends Sweleh Secondary School. Information Communications Technology, science, math, commerce, accounting, and English are her favorite subjects. Sawsan speaks Arabic and English. Her interest in technology stems from keeping a close eye on fast-growing tech companies and their impacts on both individuals and larger communities. She’s received training in web design, social media marketing, Microsoft Office, robotics, and eLearning. Sawsan was an ICT instructor for underprivileged youth, assistant teacher of English at the Zaha Cultural Center, and head of her school team for a local web design competition. She enjoys playing basketball and describes herself as smart and kind. Sawsan hopes to have a career in computer science. She is looking forward to meeting inspirational individuals through the TechGirls program and brainstorming on how to improve communities using technology.


TechGirl Sondos is from Zarqa, Jordan. She is 16 years old and has three sisters and two brothers. She attends The Jubilee School and enjoys studying math, physics and chemistry. Sondos speaks Arabic and English. She has participated in a number of extracurricular activities, such as the Leaders of Tomorrow and Young Arab Voices Debate Program, the Amman Canter for Human Rights Studies, leadership camp, and Jubilee Model United Nations. Sondos has taken classes in robotics, visual basic, Oracle, Invention, Photoshop and HTML and SQL programming. Sondos is especially interested in pursuing technological interests that will aid the field of medicine and is currently working on a device that will alert parents about the body temperature of their babies, even while they are sleeping.! She describes herself as ambitious and confident. Sondos enjoys television, music, dance, and spending time with her friends. She’s looking forward to meeting new friends from different nationalities through the TechGirls program.


Meet Lamis from Sana’a, Yemen. She is 16 years old and has two older sisters. Lamis is a student at Yemen Modern School. Math is her favorite subject. She speaks Arabic and English. Lamis cites Steve Jobs as her inspiration to get involved in technology, impressed by the ways in which his technological innovations have made life easier for so many people. She has taken classes in programming and Information Communications Technology. Lamis intends to have a career in computer programming, engineering or graphic design. Lamis describes herself as energetic and optimistic. She enjoys reading, the cinema, the beach, spending time with friends, and shopping. Lamis is excited to participate in the TechGirls program, meet people who share similar passions, develop communications skills, and better prepare herself for a career in technology.


Welcome Seba from Sana’s, Yemen. She is 17 and is the youngest of five siblings. Seba is a student at Yemen Modern School where she enjoys studying mathematics, physics, and Information Communications Technology. Seba speaks both Arabic and English. Her interest in the field of technology was sparked by an article she read about technological revolutions in education, science, communication and entertainment. She has been taking classes in Information Communications Technology for the past six years. Eventually, she hopes to get a Masters and PhD in Business Information Systems or a career in petroleum engineering. Seba describes herself as sociable and enthusiastic. She has volunteered in several community service activities. She enjoys swimming, shopping, exploring, and reading. Seba is excited about the exposure she will get to technological innovation through the TechGirls program, and its character-building potential. Seba looks forward to sharing the knowledge she gains through this program with people in Yemen.


TechGirl Alya is from Sana’a, Yemen. She is 16 and has one brother and one sister. Alya studies at Yemen Modern School. Computer Studies are her favorite subject. Alya speaks both Arabic and English. She took Information and Communications Technology classes for six years, and a short introduction to programming course. The innovations of Bill Gates sparked her interest in technology. Alya has participated in several volunteer programs through her school, including one to benefit orphans. She would like to be an IT programmer. Alya describes herself as responsible and confident. She looks forward to teaching other girls in Yemen what she learns through the TechGirls experience.

*Not a complete list